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  Established in 1921, The Bond Club of New Jersey was founded for the purpose of encouraging good fellowship and a spirit of cooperation among those engaged and interested in the business of investment securities.  The object of the BCNJ is to promote and maintain high ethical standards and just principles in our profession.

We seek to accomplish our mission by sponsoring a number of events and networking opportunities throughout the year.

Our membership reflects a broad cross section of the financial services industry including: public finance; investment banking; trading; legal; financial planning; portfolio management, and; mutual fund management and distribution.

For almost 90 years, the men and women of the BCNJ have worked diligently to provide the capital for New Jersey’s highways, hospitals, utilities and educational institutions.

Today, the BCNJ continues its proud history of service to community and the cultivation of close-knit personal and professional relationships throughout our industry.

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Upcoming events

07 Oct 2021 • Cedar Hill Country Club
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Pictures from our 84th Annual Spring Field Day are now posted.  Click here!

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Kevin Roughley, 

 President- Bond Club of New Jersey

 Phone: (212) 208-3848



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